April showers bring May …. showers? Here at the Frame Dames, we’re trying hard not to let all the rainy weather this spring get us down. How do we overcome the dreariness of rain rain rain? Well, we can either get outside and get wet, or stay inside and make stuff! Colorful stuff! Soon enough, we’ll be swimming in a sea of green, so why not enjoy all the other colors while we’ve got the chance?

            Not a painter, you say? More of a 3D person you say? At The Frame Dames, we have a huge selection of all different colors of Sculpey polymer clay. Sculpey is a ready-to-use clay that requires no special equipment or messy preparations to use. It’s easy to manipulate, storable, and re-usable until it’s baked in your home oven. After it’s baked, it’s hard, durable and long-lasting. Different colors can be mixed, swirled and stacked to make all kinds of stuff; You can make jewelry, beads, figurines, plaques, frames (!), ornaments, bowls, cups, even a lamp! Check out The Frame Dames Pinterest board for loads of project ideas for polymer clay . You can find a link to our Pinterest boards here on our website and on our Facebook page.

            So this rainy spring, fill your days with all the colors by trying Sculpey clay from the Frame Dames. It’s like play-dough for grown-ups. Stop by, say hi and pick some up today!  Then come back and show us what you’ve made! And while you’re here, subscribe to our email list to get the scoop on Paint On Tap events, sales and promotions and even coupons available only to our subscribers!

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