Stuff We Framed

Sports Memorabilia Is One Of Our Specialties!  


Stretched Pieces.

A Short List Of Things We Frame:

watercolor, kids art, coffee bean bags, spoons, flags, medals, shells, cross stitches, maps, tshirts, buttons, acrylics, pencil drawings, charcoal sketches, doodles, christening gown, newspaper articles, first paycheck stubs, photographs, tiles, ultrasounds, oil paintings, posters, vintage posters, chalk boards, cork boards, maps mounted on cork boards, bullets, horse shoes, concert tickets, house numbers, stained glass, mirrors, wedding invitations, dried flowers, historic documents, butterflies, spiders, a snake (just once and never again), retirement collages, rugs, quilts, televisions, license plates, t-ball uniform, Topo Gigio, topo and raised relief maps, calendars, cartoons, magazine covers and pages, family portraits, doilies, puzzles, eight track head cleaner, keys, laptop computer…

(…Or A Not So Short List.)

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5 days ago

The Frame Dames

Sometimes, with tricky jobs, ya gotta improvise! This gorgeous pastel couldn't be flipped over, so we had to finish the whole thing from underneath! Thankfully, we've got talent AND flexibility!
#theframedames #customframing #itsworthit #pastelart #ilovestj #railroadstreetsaintjohnsburyvt
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