Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK? How is this possible? And who’s really truly ready for snowstorms? Hey speaking of snowstorms, did you know that you can buy an e-gift card from The Frame Dames without ever having to venture out in the snow with your summer tires still on? (You know who you are) All you have to do is go here: enter the info and you’re done! It’s the perfect gift for any artist on your list, and no guessing for you! What could be easier (or safer!)


Also, and this is IMPORTANT…We all hear about Black Friday and Cyber Monday before we’re even done with Halloween, right? That’s all well and good, but it seems to me that these “special days” have become all about big box retailers and that one HUGE online giant who we shall not mention here. But here’s the thing: why not change things up a little and focus on Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday instead? During Small Business Saturday, you can help out your local, often struggling small retailer simply by doing some holiday shopping there! You can truly make an actual person’s day by spending money in a shop that supports people in YOUR community.

This year, Small Business Saturday is on November 24. And Giving Tuesday? It’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It’s a day to give to the charity of your choice. Think local animal shelters, food shelves, veteran’s groups, domestic violence support groups, whatever speaks to you. These two “special days” are days you can really get behind, and feel good about too!


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