A friend of mine recently asked me if I would be willing to donate a painting that I had done to a benefit auction happening here in town. Flattered, I happily obliged. The Frame Dames was asked to donate an item as well, and so we joined together, framed my painting, and donated together.

With fantasies of a roomful of people bid-battling for my artwork in my (likely misguided) mind, I decided to attend this auction and check it out. I convinced my husband to bring me. It was an evening out, for a good cause, and he’s a sucker for auctions as evidenced by his frequent Ebay “winnings.” 

During this event, I learned something interesting. Nowadays, many people seem less interested in spending money on THINGS and way more willing to spend on EXPERIENCES. Quilts, artwork, furniture, items like this…they sold, but without a ton of enthusiasm. Trips, weekend stays, tickets to events, museums…THOSE were the items that people wanted and that people were really bidding on. And who can blame them? In a world so fraught with anxiety and trouble, in a world currently saturated with Kondo-esque de-cluttering, it seems what many of us really want, is not a new item to deal with, but rather a chance to connect with other people. People we love, and people we may not even know yet! Kindly allow me to illustrate with vacation photos:

Which brings me to this: The Frame Dames are hosting Paint On Tap events at the Kingdom Taproom right across Railroad street from the shop!  (Check out the calendar of events here on our website.)

Your lovely and knowledgeable instructor Kari, a working artist herself, will lead participants step-by-step through the process of completing a painting from start to finish. It’s a super memorable experience, and it’s EASY! One does NOT have to have a single shred of artistic “talent” to enjoy a Paint On Tap event.

This thoroughly un-stressful and relaxing evening allows you to hang out with what always proves to be a fun group of folks, drink a couple of drinks, (or not) have some delicious food, (or not) get your creativity on, (always) hang out with friends, and in the end, bring your painting home to frame (hopefully) or donate to your favorite benefit auction! 

PS. My painting? SOLD! To a very happy bidder for a great cause. The dozens of bidders clamoring for my precious masterpiece? Not so much.

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