Did you know that at The Frame Dames, we showcase talented local artists at the shop?

“Four Hammers Hanging” acrylic on canvas 24 x 24″ by Ben Barnes

Well, it’s time we tell you about it! At The Frame Dames, not only can you find excellent quality supplies to create artwork and experts to professionally frame and preserve artwork, but you can purchase original works of art here too!

Take, for example, the artist who has currently “taken over” the shop. Ben Barnes is a Saint Johnsbury, VT painter who specializes in paintings of places. Whether these places are fields, buildings, rail yards, interiors, convenience stores, old trucks, or even fast food joints depends on if they catch Mr Barnes’ eye. He writes, “I am shy of nostalgia, and so prefer images that admit to their era. I enjoy it when the viewer can feel both the past and the present.”

“M is for ‘Merica” acrylic on canvas, 24 x 25″ by Ben Barnes

Mr. Barnes, who these days works primarily in acrylic on canvas, was born in 1975, educated at Massachusetts of Art in Boston, and moved to Vermont shortly thereafter. In recent years, he moved into an old house in Saint Johnsbury and began painting his new hometown and surroundings.

“Railyard by the Old Purina Mill” acrylic on canvas, 13 x 26″ by Ben Barnes

So we invite you to stop by the shop sometime and take a look at this talented and prolific artist’s work. You may find something that speaks to you and that you can’t live without. And you would be doing the always important work of supporting local artists, businesses and community!

“Sunning” acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36″ by Ben Barnes
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