“Shout out to The Frame Dames for their amazing work! 

I met Li Min Qiang in the People’s Republic of China in 1989. Over the next decade he mailed me his art. Li Min’s work has been in a box in the attic until last week. Quotidian is hosting a Lyceum featuring Zhuangzi (c. 369 BC – 286 BC) who was born in the same region that Li Min is from and his art inspired. 

The Frame Dames made Lin Min’s artwork come to life again for me thirty years after we first met. Thank you!

My photography does not do their framing justice.”

-142 Eastern


“Excellent product, professional service with a smile. No one does a better job than these ladies! Thank you for helping to make my photographs look top notch!”

-Sarah Walls


“My husband went to Peru and brought home this lovely piece of handstitched artwork. While the piece was not an expensive purchase, I wanted to make sure it was framed to highlight this native craft. The Frame Dames did just that offering mat and frame alternatives that fit my budget, but with an eye only they could project, the frame gave this piece a huge presence on our wall! Thank you, won’t hesitate to go back for more!”

-Kathleen LaFrance


“I’ve had many art pieces framed at The Frame Dames both for art shows and for my home. Ann, Katrina, and Andrea are always wonderful to work with- they all have helped me to choose frames and matting from a huge selection. As a working artist I appreciate having a local business to purchase art supplies and to have expert framing done. As an added bonus- I always look forward to seeing the art work of local artists the shop has on display. It’s a pretty neat store!”

-Meri Stiles


“The Frame Dames takes framing to a whole new level and their talented staff is extremely knowledgeable. Framing can be overwhelming but they make the experience fun and show you many artistic options and price ranges that compliments the art and your wallet. Fast turnaround!”

-Cindy Gilmore


“They have a great eye and do super work. The Frame Dames have done all of our framing since the “old” days of Uniquity!”

-Robin Little


“They were great to work with. They really know what they’re doing. They helped me find a frame for just a poster that was nice but not really expensive. Then they helped me pick out a really nice frame for an old painting my mom did. They used all conservation materials so it will last forever. It was nice that they didn’t try to push some expensive frame for just a poster but knew exactly what to do with my watercolor to preserve it. Definitely recommend them!”

-graywalls, online


“Recently I contacted The Frame Dames in St. Johnsbury to hang a very sentimental and emotional piece for my family and myself … it was a very large and heavy piece, which I did not feel comfortable hanging myself. We made an appointment to have The Frame Dames come to the house and do the job. They showed up on time with all the tools necessary to do the job. They treated me and the piece with such respect, professionalism and courtesy I could not believe. Thank you Frame Dames for such a “neighborly” treatment.”

-Mike, Lyndonville


“The Frame Dames have an excellent eye and provide QUALITY frames and ARCHIVAL materials. You get what you pay for.”     

-mindcreativethoughts, online


” They are the best place I have found so far to frame my wife’s cross stitch and needle point original art works. After hundreds of hours on a piece I want it finished off with the level of care it deserves and they deliver.
Properly stretching textile artwork is a gift and they have a great eye for enhancing a piece with the proper frame and mat colors.
Absolutely beautiful workmanship!!”     

-Steve, online


“Excellent service, top quality framing!”     

-Jamie, Stratford


“Five Stars!”     

-Cheryl, Newport


“Our pictures made it to Hawaii in one piece, these ladies do an amazing job! Mahalo for your professionalism.”

-Casey, online