Are you new to custom framing? Wondering what to expect? Here’s a short overview of the process!

The first step in custom framing is the one we consider the most fun: The design process! Here at The Frame Dames, there is no need to schedule an appointment. Bring in that photo, artwork or keepsake that you’ve been thinking of framing. Our experts will guide you through the design process and rest assured, there’s no obligation to buy on the spot. Free estimates are essential, and always offered! We will work with you to find the best combination of mat, moulding (a fancy word for frame), and glass to create  finished product that not only enhances your piece, but also fits into your budget.

Our HUGE selection of mats and mouldings might seem daunting at first glance, but be assured, we can quickly narrow down your choices to find the combination that’s just right for you and your artwork.

Take this small print for example. Though it measures only about 5 inches square, the image of the dog and the rabbit has a very special meaning for our client, and she wanted to create a piece that has a big impact.



We presented two options. A wide linen mat and wood moulding and fillet (fancy word for the mini, inner frame) from Larson-Juhl, and a narrower, warm silver Larson-Juhl moulding with the same wide linen mat.


Which do you prefer?

Our client went with the wood toned combination, and we are as excited as she is to see the finished product! Come down to the shop and see what we can do for you!

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