Dear Frame Dames,

           So here’s the thing…My husband and I stay at home. A lot. We don’t do stuff. Not because we don’t want to, but because we’re just really bad at planning. Like, if there was an award for lack of planning in one’s life, we would have been on the short list for at least the past nine years. We live out in the country, my husband doesn’t drink, and we have an amazingly creative and completely exhausting nine-year-old daughter who struggles with ADHD and anxiety. It’s like the trifecta of reasons to stay home. At the end of the day, we are IN.

            I am telling you all of this because I need you to understand how thrilled I am by what happened at the Paint On Tap event last month. It was a Friday afternoon, I was getting to the end of a long week and I just couldn’t face another night of making dinner and being inside our four walls, or staring at a screen. We hadn’t planned to do anything, of course, but I needed to at least get dinner out. I was looking through menus online and remembered that the Kingdom Taproom in St. Johnsbury, which has an amazing pub-style menu, by the way, was hosting the Paint On Tap event that night. I thought, why not? And called my husband who said sure. He may not ever plan stuff, (like EVER) but is pretty good at going along with what I suggest. It was $35. for each of us, but I learned that if I bought tickets at The Frame Dames store, tickets would only be $25. So I bought three tickets.

            We had an amazing time. Truly. The food at the Kingdom Taproom was fantastic. My daughter ordered an ice cream sandwich for dessert that defies description. It was a work of art. My husband was fed to bursting, and I got my nice cold beer at the end of the day, and we hadn’t even gotten to the painting part yet!

            We were greeted by a lovely young artist (and framer!) named Katrina, who immediately showed us where to sit and made us feel welcome, and then we started to paint. Step by step we were guided through the process of painting our own canvasses with acrylic paints. We were never rushed, always encouraged, and it was completely stress-free and relaxing. Even my daughter, who at times struggles to sit still through projects and activities, was captivated and completed her painting! All the while we were attended to by the Kingdom Taproom servers who kept hunger and thirst at bay. It was the most relaxing evening I had experienced in a long time. And in the end, we went home with three paintings for my daughter’s bedroom wall: one by her, one by her mom, and one by her dad. What a great memento of our family time, and it was all for less than $100!

            One of the most amazing things about our Paint On Tap experience was how much my husband enjoyed it. Here is a guy who you would NEVER suspect would enjoy something like this. He’s a self-described redneck who enjoys motors. And hunting. And driving stuff. And motors. (Did I say motors?) He’d never really made a painting in his life. And he doesn’t even drink! After sitting down and completing a painting of a sunflower and a honeybee, he told me that he had the best evening out that he’s had in years, no joke.

            So thank you, Frame Dames, for getting this family out of the woods and out of our heads, and for the great artwork with which to remember our super-fun family night!


A future Paint on Tap regular!

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