Happy New Year from all of us at The Frame Dames! Now that it’s the first month of a brand new year, we are looking towards the future with a renewed sense of hopefulness that’s been hard to come by in past months. Just when things seemed to get to their darkest, and the world seemed grim and ugly…Pantone came out with the 2018 color of the year! This year, that color is called Ultra Violet, a deep, rich purple that, as Pantone writes on their website, “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”
     We at The Frame Dames can’t think of a better way to think about the year ahead than through the lens of a color. We love color! And with this in mind, we have decided to start this year off by improving upon our ability to serve you, our customers, in the best possible way. The Frame Dames are headed to Las Vegas! While Las Vegas isn’t usually considered to be the hub of self-improvement possibilities, it is, however, home to the 2018 West Coast Art & Frame Expo! We will be spending 4 days learning everything there is to learn about how to best serve you with your custom framing needs. We are looking forward to improving on our knowledge and training in design, color, conservation, and all the many technical details that go into your custom-framed piece (and we may also be looking forward to throwing a few coins into some slot machines as well, if there’s time…).
     Finally, while we are in love with the color called Ultra-Violet and all that it stands for, your artwork does NOT love ultra-violet light. At all! We use premium glass for your framing projects. This special glass blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays, which over time will cause fading and damage to your artwork. So Ultra Violet color? YES! Ultraviolet rays? NO!
     See you in the brand new year!

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