Not everything, it seems. Here at The Frame Dames, our name says a lot; We offer custom conservation framing services. If you can think of it, we can frame it. We will help you choose the perfect frame and matting for your piece of art from a selection of thousands beautiful moldings and mat boards. Our name doesn’t quite say everything, because over and over our customers tell us, “We had no idea you also carry art supplies!” Even though our name isn’t The Frame and Art Supply Dames, we sure have them!

            We carry student and artist grade acrylic and oil paints and mediums, paintbrushes, palettes, pre-stretched canvasses and canvas boards and pads, watercolors and watercolor paper. We have loads of writing, drawing and technical pens and markers, as well as the correct papers to use them with, and even coloring books for adults! We’ve got pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils and charcoal, and every kind of papers you can think of. We even have powdered dyes for all kinds of projects, craft paint, and India Inks. Did we mention printmaking supplies and air-dry and polymer clay? We’ve got those too!

            We at the Frame Dames are proud to be the only locally owned small business in the Northeast Kingdom specializing in artist’s materials, supplies and services.

            We’ve just received a GIANT order and we’re swimming in supplies right now! So if you’re an artist or crafter, or know someone who is, and you think that “buying local” is more than just a catchy slogan, come down to The Frame Dames and say hi! While you’re here, sign up for our email list. We will send you information about sales, special promotions, upcoming Paint on Tap events and coupons! It’s fast and easy, and we won’t send you anything you wouldn’t want to get. We promise, or our name isn’t The Frame Dames (and art supplies, too!)                 


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