Fall is Here!

     Or it will be, on September 22. The leaves are starting to turn, pumpkin spice abounds in inconceivable locations, there’s a chill in the air…oh wait, wasn’t it almost 90 degrees last weekend? Anyway, the leaves are starting to turn colors and here at The Frame Dames, we’ve got you covered this leaf peeping season.

     With the lovely leaves of the NEK in mind, we’ve gotten the shop stocked with everything you need to get those colors down on paper. Our portable watercolor sets from Reeves and Art Alternatives are perfect for stashing in your backpack (or fanny pack, if that’s how you roll. We don’t judge) Whip one out whilst communing with nature, add a little H2o from your water bottle, and presto! You’ve got Autumn Art! We also carry the most adorable little watercolor sketchbooks and blank cards for all your plein-air art-making needs.

     Not a fan of watercolors? We carry colored pencils, markers, acrylic and oil paints and Inktense blocks and pencils as well. Have you tried an Aquabrush? Super fun. Seriously. So no matter what you use, we recommend that you get out there, soak up some sunshine, look up, take some deep breaths and paint those beautiful colors. Often it’s easy to forget, but the world is still a wonder to behold, and who knows? You might just end up with something worth framing, and when you do, you know where to bring it! That’s right! The Frame Dames, of course. Custom framed artwork makes a perfect gift for the holidays. Which are also coming. Really soon. OMG.


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